How to create polls on WhatsApp: A visual guide

WhatsApp has launched a new Polls feature for both Android and iOS users, allowing them to create polls to ask your contacts questions.

WhatsApp's new features

WhatsApp keeps adding new features to its Android and iOS apps. The latest is Polls.

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What Polls looks like

This is where you can find the Polls feature in a chat screen on WhatsApp for Android.

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How to create polls

Tapping the Polls option will take you to this screen where you can ask a question.

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Ask your question

You can add multiple choices as answer to the question in the Options field.

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Send your poll

After you are done creating the poll, tap the arrow icon to send the poll to a chat. This is what it looks like.

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You can vote yourself

You can vote for an answer to your own question in the poll.

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Available for everyone

The new WhatsApp Polls option is available for everyone on Android and iOS.

Source: BGR
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