Top WhatsApp features launched in 2022

Here are the top WhatsApp features launched in 2022.

Digital avatars

Users can create their personalised avatars as profile photos or choose from one of 36 custom stickers.

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Quick Reactions

WhatsApp launched the much awaited reactions to text feature this year.

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Message Yourself

Users can now chat with themselves to send notes, reminders, and updates.

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WhatsApp Community is like a group that houses multiple groups inside. You can create a community of a particular residential area with individual builds.

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WhatsApp Polls

WhatsApp Polls feature allows you to create a poll with up to 12 options as answers.

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Call Links

Call Links are a new way to join any WhatsApp call by just tapping a link (URL). Just create a link and share it with people you want in a call.

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Search groups by contact name

The feature gives users the ability to search groups by entering a contact name on the Desktop version.

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