iOS 16.2 developer beta update is here: 5G for supported iPhones

Apple has rolled out iOS 16.2 developer beta on supported iPhones. It brings 5G connectivity and new features.

iOS 16 developer beta

Apple has released the iOS 16 developer beta update for those who signed up for Apple's beta program.

Source: BGR

It brings 5G to all supported iPhones

The update brings 5G connectivity to supported iPhones including iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14 lineups.

Source: BGR

Stable will release in December

The stable 5G update was promised for December, however, the Californian giant is testing the 5G support early in this developer beta.

Source: BGR

Sign up for the beta program

If you are not in the beta program you can signup on to the official Apple website - Once you sign up, you have to install the beta profile, followed by checking for the iOS 16.2 beta update.

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Always do a backup

Before you update, make sure you take a backup as this is a developer beta, which means it is bound to have bugs. It's always better to have a backup.

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You can always unenroll

If you wish to unenroll from the beta, you can always remove the beta profile by visiting Settings > General > VPN & Device Management. Find the 'iOS 16 Beta Software Profile' and delete it.

Source: BGR

Other iOS 16 features

Apart from the 5G support, the iOS 16.2 developer beta also brings the new Custom Accessibility Mode. The feature is aimed at offering a streamlined experience on your iPhone.

Source: BGR
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